World Citizen Awareness Bracelets

Awareness bracelets are the political buttons of the 21st Century. They are how people proclaim their commitment to a personal cause, whether it be finding a cure for a disease or ending an injustice..

These bracelets let people know that you are committed to the oneness of humanity and the coming together of all people. Instead of fighting a problem, it says you are committed to a new view of yourself and the world.

This website is your number one source of information about bracelets for diseases supporting medical research centres around the globe. They come in different colors and sizes but with only one common cause and that is to help increase the awareness and find cure for some diseases.

These bracelets are more than just something to wear on your wrist. They are designed to help you fight for diseases such as diabetes, asthma or epilepsy. They can be a source of supporting the awareness of various types of diseases such as cancer, tuberculosis, alzheimer's disease and even mental problems encountered by many people now a day.